Vehicle Air Conditioning

Deane Mark Auto Electrical technicians are fully trained experts in all things air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Services at Deane Mark Auto Electrical

Car Air-Conditioning systems need servicing approximately every 2 years
(most air conditioning systems lose approx. 10-15% per year of refrigerant gas).

We service air conditioning, heating & ventilation systems in all vehicles makes and models
- including commercial trucks, tractors and earthmoving equipment.

This service involves discharging, recharging & lubricating your refrigerant system. Also testing your air conditioning compressor oil if applicable and changing if necessary.

Our technicians check all components from belts, filters to cleaning the condenser.

Cabin filters are recommended to be replaced with every service.

  • All cabin filters brought from us we fit for free with a standard Air Conditioning service.
  • The cabin filter is designed to reduce the amount of harmful contaminants entering into your vehicle.
  • They protect occupants from allergy causing particles and filter out noxious odours.
Air Conditioning Services at Deane Mark Auto Electrical

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